Why Serocor Projects?

#1 Scalability

We understand what is important to businesses of any scale. Whether you’re a small/medium business or a large enterprise, making sure you can enable your sales pipeline to have the confidence to keep selling is a critical factor in the success of go-to market strategies.

#2 Agility

Working with Serocor Projects will enable your business to rely on a virtual team of project and service delivery experts, allowing your company to work in an agile way. We’re not a fixed or headcount cost on your balance sheet; we’re a project delivery organisation that will deliver large or small projects whilst always ensuring that it’s you that has the client relationship and your priorities are our own.

#3 Flexibility

We deliver using whichever project methodology suits your company culture or appetite for change. We ensure you get to keep your company intellectual property, and through our transparency around compliance and process you know you’re getting the safest pair of hands supporting you.

We partner with our clients to provide innovative solutions on time and to budget, including:

  • ​Enabling our clients to achieve improved workforce management by creating a unique approach to project and service delivery.
  • Delivering cost and margin assurance on project and programme activity.
  • Using appropriate and assured models to build skilled capability during pipeline growth – whilst providing legislative solutions and compliance consultancy.