Project delivery as a service

Our project delivery is centred on you; for us it’s that simple. We ensure our delivery supports your USPs and the key differentiators which won you the business in the first place.

We deliver knowledge management value; we don’t walk away with your IP once the project has been implemented – it’s yours to keep.

To streamline project delivery and give you the most flexible, cost-effective solution, our PMO as a service solution has technology and compliance at its heart.


Serocor Hub is our bespoke tool which enables streamlined efficiency in your supply chain, as well as correct, accurate and ongoing management of supplier, contractor and associate onboarding and vetting.

Using Serocor Hub, we ensure your supply chain, workforce management and cost controls are managed and maintained to the highest standards – with the ability to rate your experience as we go.

Contact us for a demo – we’ll be only too happy to come along and show you how powerful this tool really is.


When it comes to IR35 or any off-payroll compliance we’ve probably heard as much noise and confusion in the marketplace as you.

We take a different spin on it all; compliance shouldn’t be a complex legislative issue, we approach it as a simple supply chain opportunity.

How is it an opportunity? Well, we see it as a chance to get supply chains in order, understand risk and act accordingly. There may be need for PAYE solutions – we have our own FSCA-accredited solutions – as well as the ability to reduce IR35 risk entirely by using Serocor Hub and creating the correct business to business relationships amongst our contractor base.

Contact us for a chat or a down-to-earth conversation around where you see the challenges – be they understanding or implementing solutions.

“When delivering projects as an EASA design organisation, having support and sharing the responsibilities and risks is a vital part of the success we enjoy as a team. As a group we – by natural understanding – do not migrate into each other’s areas of expertise. As a whole we bring valuable skill-sets together, with an attitude that sets our programs apart from fragmented program management.

Agility and ability to provide what clients really need proactively shows the team to be far more than just a manpower solution solver. For GDC they are the end product the clients see – from the designs and certification that GDC produces.

It is a pleasure to work with them and call them a true partner.”

Head of the Office of Airworthiness, GDC Engineering GmbH