Freelancer Opportunities/Statement of Work

We are offering a new category of work – freelance/statement of work (SOW) to compliment the permanent and contract opportunities we advertise as part of Serocor Group.

What does freelance/SOW work involve?

  • Payment is due on the completion of the deliverables and/or milestones, as opposed to time and materials
  • Work packages are delivered by the freelancer in a pre-agreed (contracted) fixed timeframe, with milestones/deliverables set prior to launch
  • If a work package overruns, the freelancer may face financial penalties – this may mean that the freelancer continues until the work package is complete at its own cost, or that a financial penalty is imposed (depending on client terms)
  • If the work package is not delivered to the required standard, the freelancer is responsible

How does it work?

First, we ask you to register your interest in engaging in freelance projects.


You will then be brought onto our bespoke workforce and supply chain management tool, Serocor Hub, via an easy-to-use onboarding pack.

Once you’ve fully completed the on-boarding requirements we then show you as available for small work packages. Typically we expect these packages to be between two to four weeks of work. This means you’re likely to get paid quicker than if you were working longer projects (provided the client signs off on your work). 

Why join Serocor Hub?

  1. This approach will support companies in getting back on track with projects which are slipping due to Covid 19 impacting their markets; as well as enabling companies to ensure backlogs of projects can be sorted. Essentially companies wanting to take these approaches will be able to manage their margins better with an outcome piece of work rather than time and materials. 
  2. Working on outcome SOWs will help us protect clients from IR35. It’ll also help you clearly and without question identify as outside of IR35, protecting your income and potentially giving you the chance to increase income if the work package should allow for that (paid on completion of the work package means you may complete a package ahead of its set end date, meaning you may be able to start a new work package sooner).

Please note, being on-boarded and available on Serocor Hub does not obligate Serocor projects to provide the freelancer with work. Nor is the freelancer obliged to accept work unless they agree with the terms and conditions of the work package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Yes please – what next?
    • Thank you for your interest, we’ll add you to our database and send you a link to our tool Serocor Hub in the coming days. You’ll need to download the on boarding pack and complete it all and return via Serocor Hub. Once your documentation has been completed we’ll upload your details on to the hub and make you available for work packages as and when they come through.
  2. 2. Yes please – how will I receive work?
    • You’ll be asked to provide pre on boarding details via our portal Serocor Hub. Once you have done this and the data has been checked as complete, your skills will be categorised. When work packages or projects become available within your skills category we’ll contact all those within the relevant category via the portal to find out who is available to perform the works under the conditions set out in the package.
  3. 3. How do I get work packages? Am I bidding or competing for them?
    • Work packages will be awarded based on the competencies of the individual responding and based on the available skills. You will not be expected to “bid” for work in the sense of an auction (like EBay as an example). Work will be awarded to the available individual whose skillset best suits the work that the Client needs completing.
  4. 4. What if I’m not available for work? Will that affect me getting work in future?
    • We would simply ask you to not respond to the work packages coming through Serocor Hub. We appreciate Freelancers may not be available all of the time – it will not be seen as a negative.
  5. 5. If I say yes to Freelancing does that mean I won’t be considered for anything else?
    • If you say yes to Freelancing it’s simply a way of you adding the chance of more work opportunities to your portfolio with us.
  6. 6. Why do I need to complete new on boarding criteria onto Serocor Hub?
    • You will be entering into a business to business relationship with Serocor Projects as a “Freelancer”. As such the on boarding criteria is more detailed, this protects you and Serocor Projects as your client.
  7. 7. Will working as a Freelancer automatically make any work I do with you outside of IR35?
    • By performing work packages as a Freelancer and accepting commercial risk (i.e. you get paid once the work package has been completed and signed off) then you are supporting an outside determination under one pillar of the IR35 assessment process. In addition to demonstrating your company is undertaking Commercial risk, it will be incumbent on you to review any work package before accepting it and qualifying it properly before accepting it. By doing so, you will be responsible for delivering the work package without supervision, direction or control although updates on progress may still be required and you may still need to follow best practice or legislative requirements. You will be responsible for the quality, process and on time delivery of the work package. These points will all be considered as part of your IR35 determination.
  8. 8. What happens if I don’t complete the work package or fail to meet the required timelines/quality?
    • It is likely that there will be commercial penalties in place in order to get work packages completed on time and to the required quality, if your company fails to meet the pre-qualified dates or quality standards then your company may incur penalties. If you miss deadlines or there are issues with quality then it is highly likely that your company will be contractually bound to resolve the issues as a minimum at your own cost. For this reason Serocor Projects would advise any work package accepted is qualified properly and you undertake proper due diligence is performed before accepting the work.
  9. 9. Can I sub contract the work package out once I have accepted it?
    • Your company will be the prime contractor to Serocor Projects and you will be able to sub contract the work out unless there is an end client clause which stipulates that you cannot. This will be stipulated in the terms and conditions associated with each work package and all works must be completed by near shore resource within the legal boundaries of the UK and under the jurisdiction of HMRC.
  10. 10. If I complete work packages early will I still get paid the full amount?
    • Yes – if your company completes the work package early and the quality of the delivery has been accepted then you will get paid the full amount.
  11. 11. Can I accept more than one work package at a time?
    • Yes, if your company has the ability to complete multiple work packages within the pre-qualified amount of time stipulated in the work package, then taking on more than one piece of work is acceptable. However we draw attention to the above question 8 response and the possibility of penalties and the responsibility of the freelancer to complete all works at its own risk.
  12. 12. If I don’t want to be a Freelancer than will that stop me from getting contract or permanent roles in future?
    • No, not being a freelancer will not preclude your success in gaining contractor or permanent roles through ARM or the Serocor Group.