Jul 05

Fast and the Furious? or just a bit overdone?

No, I’m not referring to some of the Wimbledon temperaments I really am referring to the movie franchise. I can’t help seeing the similarity between these movies and the way in which we make our purchasing and delivery decisions… The Fast and the Furious started off as a ¼ mile…
Jun 14

Programme Managing the G7

During June we’ve seen the G7 summit come to the UK, particularly Cornwall. Have you ever wondered at how this might be approached from the perspective of managing a Programme of works? Here at Serocor Projects, we have taken the time to have a think about it and…
Apr 08

DevOps – are you ready to move delivery forward?

Are you ready to take project delivery forward using a DevOps methodology? Or is it still a trend yet to be worthy of investment? DevOps uses Agile and lean principles, bringing priorities together from inception to delivery. Serocor Projects strongly believes the future of technology deployment lives with a DevOps…
Aug 20
May 27

Procurement priorities and how the Serocor Hub can help

Serocor Projects has a new way of thinking around supply chain management - by bringing together industry-leading thinking and concepts we can enable businesses to achieve their priorities and help them envision future-fit supply chains and service delivery success. We’re in a moment of significant change globally, it’s an opportunity…
Apr 14

Introducing Serocor Hub

Serocor Hub is a bespoke tool that provides streamlined efficiency in your supply chain and professional service delivery. Have a look at a brief overview of how it can help your business. For more information or a demo, get in touch with us. https://youtu.be/PlTH1JUpf1g
Apr 06

How do we manage to get more done… faster?

At Serocor Projects we’re an owner-managed business with our own in house PMO capability where we have adopted the phrase 'getting more done... faster'. Great claim right, but how? 1. Qualification: Utilising the SAFe framework Serocor Projects preferred methodology is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), this allows us to break…